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Monet Product & Hair Loss

Oct 3, 2018

I recently read a story in the News that claimed the products Monet that is supposed to increase your hair growth, is making people hair fall out even worse than before using they started using the products.  Now I'm not on here to say if this claim is true or not yet rather say this is why when making decisions on the right product to use for hair loss should not be taken half-heartedly.  Think about it if you were sick, you would go to see your physician, if your teeth were bothering you, you would go to the dentist, if you had heart problems you would see a heart specialist & so on! So please tell me why if you are losing your hair, would you go to someone who is just trained to sell you a product? Like I said I'm not here to prove Monet products to be harmful to an individuals hair or not; what I do want to say is the people who sell these products are not hair loss specialist. They are not trained to know about Alopecia, the causes, or the solutions. They are only trained to sell the product, to sell the benefits of the products and maybe some of the ingredients.  They don’t bring you in for a scalp analysis, do they know to ask about your health & medical history, or do they ask about your lifestyle and what are your hair goals? Let me answer that for you since you seem to have lost your voice..."NO" "NO" "Absolutely Not".  This is all the reason you need a Hair Loss Specialist! Any professional specialist will always consult with their client before recommending any products.  Then they will give you the solution for your hair, in particular, knowing that each hair follicle is different, so you’re given a personalized to your Hairloss issues. To all those that are using over the counter products or product sold at various trade shows like the Monet products, please be careful & seek professional Hair help.  To book a consultation with us please call 813-530-6773.  We are here to serve you we don't just do Hair...We do Hair on Purpose!